" On December 7, the presidential c▓andidate made a statement calling for "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering th▓e United States (, December 8, 2015)." In recent years, Americans' view on Islam became more and more negative. According to a survey by the Public Rel▓igion Research Institute, 56 percent of Americans s▓aid that

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the values of Islam were "at odds" with America's values and way of life, and 76 percent of Republicans were especially likely to have the s▓ame opinion (, November 17, 201▓5). The Human Rights Committee remained concerned about the practice of racial profiling and surveillance by law enforcement officials targeting certain ethnic mino?/p>

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坮ities, notably Muslims ( races were in a dire situation. According to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployme▓nt rates in November 2015 were 4.3 percent for whites, 9.4 percent for blacks ▓and 6.4 percent for Hispanics. The unemployment rate for bla▓cks more than doubled that for

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whites, and the figure▓ for Hispanics was 50 percent higher than that for ▓whites ( The unemployment rate for black college graduates was roughly equal to the rate for w▓hite Americans with associate degrees (, December 18, 2015). A third of ▓Iowa's black households earned less than 20,000 U.S. ▓dollars annually, compared with 8 percent of white househ▓olds. More than one fifth of white households in Iowa earned 100,000 U.S. d

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oll▓ars or more in a year, but only eight pe▓rcent of black households did (, October 31, 2015). Approximately 57 percent of New York City

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homeless shelter residents were African-American, 31 percent were Latino, 8 percent were white (, M▓arch 18, 2015). Accordi

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ng to a CNN report on February 18▓, 2015, financial inequality was pervading the country and it was getting worse. Whites had 12 times the ▓wealth of blacks

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and nearly 10 times more than Hispanics. "The American Dream remains out▓ of reach for many African-American and Hispanic families." (, Febru

ary 18, 2015) The documentary Seeking Asylum by African-American Darnell Walker triggered heated responses after debuting online, chronicling the plight of black Americans who no longer felt safe in the United States due to ▓rampant police brutality and were looking to settle elsewhere. Miles Marshall Lewis, who moved to France in 2004 from the United States, ▓published his book "No Country for Black Men" in 2014, a res▓ponse to the wave of police killings targeting blacks (, November 11, 2015).V. Missing Rights for Women and ChildrenRights of wo

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5. Women were facing s

erious workplace discrimination, domestic violence and sex

ual violation and children were under the threats of arms, abuse, poverty and police violence.Women were facing worsening?/p>

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